With the sole intention of maintaining the positive and way too credible relationship with the customers, Trahance follows varied liberation and cancellation policies in the following events:

  • In case you find any of the errors in the services catered by the Trahance or the products are not the way they look like and are talked about in our website, you are free and allowed to file the complaint through our online customer care number within the next 12 hours. Trahance’s customer care team with take all your complaints under consideration and reach out to you with a solution in no time.
  • We follow the policy of 12 hours. If any of our customers would demand for cancellation, it has to be done within the 12 hours of placing your order. Also, in the event that your product has been dispatched or reached the vendors/execution team or their shipping process has been initiated, then you are no longer capable of being entertained in terms of the cancellation of your product.
  • Any products/ services received by our team of professionals that are acquired during the time of promotional activities or any other special occasions such as festivals shall not be cancelled. This implies that limited period’s occasional offerings shall not have the facility of cancellation.
  • No refunding of money will be entertained after the 12 hours of placing your order. Whether it is cancellation or refund, you have lodged the complaint or your query within those 12 hours. However, that money will surely get adjusted in your next orders that too within tenure of 90 days.
  • Trahance is not responsible for any kind of inconvenience caused due to the third parties such as the server, images, content writing, web hosting etc. The agreed rate of the company needs to be followed for all the efforts that will be put by the Trahance while coordinating with them.


  • The Trahance does not offer any kind of money back policy. However, in any case you are not happy or satisfied by our products and services; you can file your complaint within the 12 hours of receiving the product. Our customer care will look upon your issue and get it improved and rectified after a suitable amount of time.
  • We have facilitated our customers with the Easy Payment Plan in case of all the varied SEO services. You can have a look at our previous works and then make the payment after the review of our performances has been completed. We do not guarantee rankings/traffic/sales in your website that is developed by us. Also, paying to our services will be seen as your approval and satisfaction from our services that we have been providing you till now.
  • To see all the MoneyBack SEO plans, have a look at our MoneyBack SEO page. Apart from this, in case of the Guaranteed Money Back Policy, a separate agreement and the return policy will be formulated so that you could qualify for the MoneyBack.